Village Creek State Park Wynne, AK


We started out our day hiking in Rickwood Caverns State Park. What a hike it was through a stone filled hill side interlaced with what looked like cave openings that split the earth with dark slivers of blackness that we dared not get to close to. Half way through our one and a ½ mile hike Barbara’s hiking shoes started breaking apart. Not a good situation as we had at least half of the hike left to accomplish. It was like a scene from some bad movie as the souls began breaking apart. Fortunately there was some plastic still intact to make it back. 

After our hike Barbara put on her hiking sandals and we went on the cave tour at the park. We were the only ones on the tour with a guide so we got a first hand education on the many highlights of the cave. The cave was about one mile long with a large fresh water lake at the bottom which feed the Olympic swimming pool on the grounds. There were many great formations making our cool hike very rewarding.

At about noon we set out for Village Creek State Park in eastern Arkansas to bed down for the night. It took us about six hours to drive 300 hundred miles with stops for gas and lunch. We passed through Memphis over the Mississippi River observing the many areas alongside the main channel where we saw flooding that we had read about in the news. We arrived at Village Creek State Park just after six to make dinner and to check out the grounds. We need not worry about reservations as we were one of two campers in the two loops of campsites in the section of the park we stayed in. There were over 100 campsites total with other loops near the Lake Dunn which is one of the two big lakes located on park property. There was a large lush forest surrounding the park with grounds that are very well kept. In the morning we plan to check out Lake Austell which is a little further into the park.



After spending a short period of time at Valley Creek State Park in eastern Arkansas we set out to visit Hot Springs National Park just south of Little Rock. We were able to get a great campsite with electric and water. After lunch we took off for a ranger  tour of the multiple historic hot spring spas located in the heart of Hot Springs, AK. What an education. We saw why this place is so famous going back several centuries to the covered wagon days. There were only two hot spring houses that still provided soaks but due to our limited time we were not able to enjoy the pleasure that they provided over the centuries. After our tour we took a driving tour of Hot Springs Mountain stopping off to fill up our jugs with fresh spring water to enjoy along a portion of our trip. I am combining two blogs into one as I did not have internet service last night in Valley Creek State Park. I am sure that this will happen several more times during our trip. However I plan not to leave out any portion of our trip as I want to make this blog a true chronicle or our journey.


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