Foss State Park, Foss, OK & Santa Rosa, NM


We started out early for a long drive from Hot Springs, Arkansas to Foss Lake State Park in Foss, OK. Foss, OK is located not far from the Texas panhandle in the rolling plains covered with red top soil that is common in this part of the country. The park has a big lake which draws many boaters from the surrounding area especially on the weekends. Unlike previous nights we have many neighbors with most of the campsites full. The night turned stormy on us giving us some nervousness knowing the history of the storms in this region. As it turned out we had a good hard rain in Foss State Park but no heavy winds or hail thank god.


After a good night’s sleep we packed up camp and headed out over 300 miles to Santa Rosa State Park in Santa Rosa, NM. Coming into New Mexico was interesting as the landscape became mountainous and the weather drier which makes the temperature seem less then what it actually seems for us Floridians.Along the way we called ahead and found that the park had no electric hookups left because of weekend campers. As an alternative we decided to settle in at the Santa Rosa Campground and RV resort just outside of Santa Rosa. After settling in at the our campsite we went into town to visit the Blue Hole fresh water spring. This formation is an oddity for this area. Divers come for all over to dive the cool blue waters and caverns beneath it. The water is a constant 61 degrees which is much too cool for our blood but not so much for the local natives. Afterwards we dined out at one of the best authentic Mexican dinners in town to sample some of the local cuisine. The main street of Santa Rosa follows the original path of the famous Route 66 giving the area a special kind of history.

Just as an update I am attaching the link to my Google map page which will give you the routes and stops of the first third of our trip. I will provide additional links to
Google maps later in our trip as the route is so long I could not provide the entire trip in one link.


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