Ojo Caliente & Silverton, CO


From Santa Fe we traveled just 50 miles to our most relaxing destination of the trip, Ojo Caliente. Located just northeast of Santa Fe this lovely hot spring spa provides a variety of great mineral soaks. We spent the afternoon jumping from one hot spring to another all the while enjoying some of the best weather of the trip. The special treat at Ojo is the mud bath which is an experience that cannot be missed. Once dry the skin becomes conditioned bringing up new layer of smooth skin that feels so rejuvenating. After our day of soaking we felt totally relaxed and ready for our next adventure.


From Ojo we traveled north to Durango over a 10,500 foot mountain pass. All along the way words could not describe the beauty we were seeing. The temperature dropped to 58 at the top of the pass making a chilly experience we have not felt since March in FL. In Durango we shopped picking up a few groceries as well as changing the oil in our Honda Pilot for the next phase of our trip. From Durango we traveled over two big mountain passes reaching elevations of over 10,000 feet. The snow pack up in this area has not yet melted making the passes very scenic. We set up camp at a lovely RV campground within walking distance to downtown Silverton.



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