Telluride, CO


Today is our second full day at Ridgway State Park. Since we were so close to Telluride, CO we decided to drive up to tour the premier winter ski destination for so many. As luck would have it one of the biggest and best blue grass festivals in the country was just getting started. The tickets were sold out well before we arrived however we were able to see performances in the town square on a small stage.

 Due to the crowds we parked in Mountain View village and took the gondola lift into town. This was quite an experience for us as the views were fabulous and the price was right, free. We toured the town and enjoyed people watching enjoying the many blue grass fans who were in town with their own unique persona.

 The views of the mountains from every angle just simply cannot be matched in this old mining town. Tomorrow we break camp and travel to Arches Natl. Park. I may not be able to post for several days depending on our ability to connect to a wireless signal. I will write and take pictures every day and post once we our able to connect again.


2 responses to “Telluride, CO

  1. Susan Hoffmann

    Your pictures are great!!!!!
    I am looking forward to next installment since I haven’t been to Arches yet.


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