Arches & Canyonlands


From Ridgway State Park we traveled to Moab, UT through some of the most diverse landscaped of the trip. We went from canyons to farmland to mountain passes to the red rock country of Moab. We meet our friend Ron who came up from Powell, AZ to see us and our friend Debi who came up from Mesquite, NV. We settled in at our campground and had a great visit with campfire lighting up our campsite.


We started the day with a great breakfast of bacon and eggs gathering up our energy for the day’s hikes. From the campground we took a 1.6 mile hike out to two lovely arches, Broken Arch & Tapestry arch. In this area of the desert the landscape is full of magnificent rock formations and slot canyons that are full of natural beauty.

 On our tour of the park we stopped by a variety of arches with their own distinctive beauty against a backdrop of desert landscape. Arches National Park is truly one of the most beautiful national parks we have ever been at. The weather was cool with a touch of rain here and there but not too much to keep us from enjoying the park.


Today was the first really clear day we had in Arches. We took advantage of the cool clear weather to take several the best hikes in the park. Early on we hiked to Landscape arch near the campgrounds to take in the longest and perhaps most beautiful arch of them all. Set against a backdrop of crystal blue sky landscape arch overwhelms the imagination with its shear length and fragileness.

The hike of the day was walking out to Delicate Arch. Not an easy hike up hill for about a mile and a half with the reward beyond description. Silhouetted against a backdrop of mountains and smooth flow stone Delicate Arch is a wonder of nature. Arches will always be one of our favorite national parks having some of the most interesting landscapes of any park we have been to.


After an early start we traveled into Moab, UT from Arches National Park to check into Slick Rock RV campground to freshen up after three days of dry camping at Arches. In the afternoon we toured Canyon Lands National Park located close to Arches National Park for a lovely afternoon of hikes to the many points of interest located there.

Canyon Lands reminded us of the Grand Canyon with wide vistas and deep canyons. We stopped at Mesa
Arch and the Green River overlook to view the panoramic landscapes that only Canyon Lands National Park can offer.


3 responses to “Arches & Canyonlands

  1. Absolutely beautiful, keep up the good reporting. Claire and I are really enjoying your trip vicariosly. Marty

  2. Sandy Belinsky

    Looks beautiful and glad you are having such a wonderful vacation. What smiles!
    Steve closed on his house in Citra on Monday and has been moving a little each day in his car. The big stuff will go on Sunday and the 5th wheel is there now in the yard. He still has to get the camper out of the storage lot and says that he will not be sleeping here next week. All is well though with me and I am looking forward to having my single life back. It was good for a while with Steve but too much stress and yelling and venting to me by the Hungarian.

  3. John Anthony Leone

    Your fotos are great kids !! Take Care an Be Well !!

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