Capital Reef National Park & Salt Lake City, Utah


We started the day by driving from Moab, UT to Capitol Reef National Park to set up camp at campgrounds in Fruita. The setting at Fruita is nestled in a river valley surrounded by red rock cliffs and imbedded in fruit orchids that the Mormons planted many years ago. It is truly a paradise with landscape surrounded by some of the most beautiful cliffs and red rock formations anywhere.

In the afternoon we traveled up the scenic Capitol Reef Drive that follows the ridge of high cliffs that make up this park. We traveled up the Grand Wash road to a lovely canyon and hiked a short distance up into a narrow gorge with towering cliffs on each side.

At the end of the drive we traveled into Capital Gorge which even topped the Grand Wash for sheer beauty. At the end of the road we took a half mile hike into the gorge to view petroglyphs that the ancient Indians had left there on the walls of the canyon.


Today we traveled north to Salt Lake City, Utah. The drive was beautiful with snow capped mountains in the distance all the way. It was a day of shopping for supplies and nestling in at the Pony Express campgrounds located just north of Salt Lake City. After dinner we plan to go to downtown Salt Lake City to visit the  Mormon Temple and Tabernacle.


4 responses to “Capital Reef National Park & Salt Lake City, Utah

  1. Told you that the Temple was beautiful at night….same with the inside of the Tabernacle,

    Hope you got a chance to swing through the old town of Idaho City, ID on the way to Stanley.

  2. Susan Hoffmann


  3. I don’t think it is very nice of you to see all that beauty and I am home with a cyst on my back, a pain in my groin, and several spots i had to have burned off my legs and forehead. Claire is enjoying her vacation in Canada although there are several family dramas going on up there. Any how, keep on enjoying your trip and keep sending your ver professional reporting. Marty

  4. Amazing. Wish I was with you both. I have to say “you both know how to live”). Margie

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