Daily Archives: July 1, 2011

Lake Mary, East Glacier Natl. Park

Today we made our way over to East Glacier National Park to a campsite at Lake Mary. On the way over we passed through some of the most interesting scenery of the trip. We stopped at a viewing site for mountain goats. The salt on the river bed provided a good nutrient feeding site for the goats making for a photo opportunity.

We also stopped at the East Glacier Lodge built by the Great Northern railroad in the early nineteen hundreds. The lodge was grand in size within walking distance to the Amtrak Depot where many of the visitors come to visit the park.

After setting up camp we traveled a short distance to Many Glaciers Lodge. Many Glaciers is located by a lake surrounded by mountains many of which have glaciers. The day was very windy with gust approaching 40 miles an hour. The temperature hovered in the low 50’s making for a chilly experience. The view was beyond description with sloping high mountains all around us teaming with wildlife.