Mammoth Caves National Park


Today was a travel day traveling south from Zumbra Falls, MN to the Hickory Hill campground just north of Bloomington, IL, a full day’s drive.  We traveled through my home state of Iowa surrounded on all sides by corn and soybean fields as far as the eye could see. I was full of thoughts of my childhood in the state where I grew up as a young adult. We crossed the wide Mississippi near Davenport and set up camp at a country campground nestled next to small creek surrounded by six foot tall corn fields. Lightning bugs flicked as the evening grew darker while the summer heat lingered into the evening.


From Hickory Hill we set out for Indianapolis to pick up supplies at Trader Joe’s before making our way down to Kentucky to visit Mammoth Caves National Park. We had a full day’s journey traveling over 400 miles to our destination. Mammoth Caves National Park is a beautiful park located in the hill country of Kentucky. We plan to spend the day tomorrow exploring the caves and relax before our final two day journey back to Florida and home.

From Mammoth Caves we plan to make our way back to Florida staying over one night in Georgia. This will be my last post of the trip. I hope that you found my travel blog interesting and informative. It was truly a labor of love created to inspire the adventurer and traveler in you. I hope by doing so I will give you the seed of inspiration for your next adventure.


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